2017 Recap: O Brave New World


New digs, new employees, and a breath of creativity

2017 was a year of incredible progress for our team. We faced our most ambitious projects yet, added new talent to our team, and, of course, acquired all kinds of new tech toys. More than that, we emerged with a clearer vision of ourselves, our mission, and where we want to go in 2018. The future looks fun.


In May, we began work on the “Unstoppable Campaign” for Mount Saint Mary’s University. We used every tool at our disposal to tell the Mount’s story with drone videography, interviews, timelapses, 4K, slow motion, and footage from throughout our four years working with the Mount - this project had it all. As an extra fun challenge, during the middle of production, we even swapped all of our Macs for Windows machines! We’ll miss you, Apple keyboard shortcuts (but not you, spinning beach ball). Shooting lasted seven months, culminating in three inspirational pieces that reflect our capabilities as a larger team.


In the fall, we moved into a bigger office, grew our staff, and pushed our shooting even farther. We climbed a mountain with a cinema camera strapped to our backs. We filmed underwater. Anything for the shot!


It was a year of intense decision-making: Mac vs PC, how to maintain our external hard drive pipeline, and most importantly what color of blue should we paint our walls?


After all, how can we focus if our wall is the wrong shade of blue?

In all seriousness though, the blue wall is very calming and aesthetic, so we like to think it bolsters productivity. But the big question for us was really how to rejuvenate our brand.


To make our image feel more like us, we first had to settle into our voice and clarify our Core Values. For years, our motto has simply been “elegance with a touch of whimsy”. With this in mind, we created a new Facebook page to showcase some of our favorite pieces, including the MSMU Campaign. We like to have fun and do good work, so we follow these guiding principles:

  1. Strive for beauty in all things.

  2. We believe in courtesy, caring, and craftsmanship.

  3. Playfulness and professionalism do mix.

  4. Stories have the power to foster empathy and understanding.

  5. Good enough never is!

All of the big decisions in 2017 afforded us peace of mind in the new year - and really, what can be better? This year, we hope to expand our existing client base and do our most ambitious work yet, both technically and creatively. Bring it, 2018!