And Now For Something Completely Different

We threw a party and made something a little different...

He shuffles awkwardly as if in a dance, fire spewing every which way. She laughs. A man’s sparkler diffuses and his brief tenure in the limelight tragically ends (...the horror). A married couple draws sparkling swords, doing battle that makes 300 look like child's play. Welcome to the making of our shortest video ever.

Well, almost the shortest. Sometimes the only reason you need for a creative project is “just because”. Midnight Hour celebrated its fifth anniversary - a huge milestone - and we wanted to not only express our excitement, but also share it with close friends. Nathan had the idea to set up a slow motion video booth beside the bar, which turned out to be a winning combination.

The party itself was filled with countless indications of growth and change for the company - a cinema camera, a new reel with our best footage yet, and - of course - adoring fans to share a toast with us. While this video may be more of a whimsical nugget than we’re used to making, it’s a reminder of an especially significant night for all of us at Midnight Hour. And I think it’s a reminder to keep working hard so we can celebrate more in the years to come!



So much has happened in the blink of an eye this year. We won best group Halloween costume (as the only group, but it totally counts), commemorated the end of a gigantic project with a “Titanic”-themed escape room, and celebrated five years of storytelling. Who knows what adventures lie ahead, but I have a feeling there will be a tale or two to tell this time next year. For the full scoop, look no further than the blog!