authentic storytelling

Mini-docs have the captivating quality of feeling in-the-moment, raw, and real, making the short ones the perfect pieces to share on social media, and the longer ones the best celebratory centerpieces for your next big event. 



While we do more and more directed content every day, run-and-gun, documentary-style shooting is where our talents all began. We still retain that knack for anticipating good shots and shooting great material on the go. Our unobtrusive approach and light touch means that even the most camera-shy soon feel comfortable, which gives us the best material we could ever hope to work with: footage that is authentic, natural, and true.

the best picture

"This feels like a movie!" is feedback we love to hear, and often do. With our background in film, we're able to bring a lot of different elements together - motion graphics, music editing, and thoughtful pacing - to make something that feels like a far cry from a stereotypical stodgy "corporate" piece. We like to look for the narrative potential in every story, and bring all of the storytelling techniques together to create something truly cinematic.